Our Phase-Changer three phase converter changes a 240V or 480V single phase supply into an equivalent 415V 3-phase output, which is equivalent to a utility 3 phase supply. It efficiently operates on any 3 phase equipment. With the easy availability of Phase power, there is always a Phase-Changer 3 phase converter solution that will reliably power any 3 phase machine. Workshop equipment, welders, compressors, pumps, computer controlled machines, air conditioners, in fact anything that requires 3 phase power changer.

Salient features of our Phase Changer are as follows:  

  • 3 Phase power can be operated by a Phase-Changer converter
  • Even big "hard to start" loads will start & run reliably with power from a Phase- Changer
  • Longer functionality
Celling Fans Exhaust Fans Fresh Air Fans
Mono Block Pump AC Power Plug Box Distribution Boards (MCB)
Bus Bar Chamber (Electrical) Phase Changer (MCB) Main Switch
Modular Boxes Change Over Switch Cable Trays (Powder Coated/G.I.)
Kit Kat Fuse Concealed Metal Box Fan Box
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